Black Denim Ginger Jeans

I'm a little ashamed to admit that I had these Closet Case Patterns Ginger Jeans cut out more than a year ago. I remember carefully preparing all of the pieces and basting the jeans up, only to find them much too big. At the time I didn't have the patience or know-how to fix them, so everything got folded up and put in the too-hard basket (figuratively and literally). Cue forward to 2018, the year I told myself I was going to damn well sew some jeans already and, hey, I finally did it!

If there's one thing that participating in Me-Made-May this year helped me realise it's that I wear a lot of handmade tops with black jeans, and there was a big jeans-shaped hole in my handmade wardrobe (and a big coat-shaped hole, but one thing at a time). So I dug out that pair of Gingers that I'd started long ago, cut them down a couple of sizes and got to work.

Turns out that pretty much fixed the problem of them being too big – silly, impatient past me! I opted for the View B option, with a high waist and skinny legs. I tried on a lot as I was sewing and did make a few modifications as I went, shortening the crotch curve and slimming the fit in the legs, mainly at the knees and ankles. Or at least that's what I think I did – I'm sure my fitting knowledge will develop with the more jeans I sew. Still, I hopefully have a good enough idea of what kind of adjustments I might need to make in future. It's also worth mentioning that the jeans making instructions and sewalong that Heather of Closet Case Patterns prepared for her Ginger Jeans pattern are so detailed. She really does walk you through the steps and explain each process, with plenty of useful hints and tips along the way.

As this was my first attempt at jeans I used a cheap stretch denim, and made my life easy by choosing black topstitching. I purchased this denim a while ago from the Remnant Warehouse. Of course it's long out of stock, but it's a true black denim with a slight brushed feel. I know at the time it was difficult finding dark black stretch denim. I haven't searched for any lately, but if anyone knows of a good source (ideally in Australia), please let me know! I didn't use rivets for this pair (I'll work up to that), but did install a standard gold jeans button. Hammering that button in at the end was a pretty proud moment.

I think I have a little way to go before perfecting jeans, but for a first attempt I'm pretty happy with how they fit and feel. I have some blue denim lined up for my next pair, and can't wait to get started!

P.S. I unconsciously wore double Closet Case Patterns in these photos – pictured here is my Tencel Kalle Shirt.

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  1. Two thumbs up from me! They look great, I bet you feel fab every time you put them on! Xx